Let the magic of globally-patented SP1KE™ take away your pain!

SP1KE Regular Floor Mat
SP1KE Regular Floor Mat
SP1KE Regular Floor Mat
SP1KE Regular Floor Mat
SP1KE Regular Floor Mat
SP1KE Regular Floor Mat

SP1KE Regular Floor Mat

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27.5" X 18" X 1"

  • Globally patented
  • Super comfy
  • Pain and pressure relieving
  • Waterproof
  • Absorbs shock and vibration
  • Self-massaging
  • Bacteria and germ resistant
  • Open grid allows airflow
  • Non-skid
  • Portable & Lightweight
  • Inter-connectable edge, allows you to create a custom sized product by using our connector pins to attach mats together 

This Sp1ke mat is made with globally-patented Sp1ke technology. Sp1ke  is the most comfortable, healthy standing solution for you that actually makes sense because it is designed to work with each individuals body form. Why stand on a competitive mat that just looks good but provides no comfort, is not waterproof and bacteria-resistant and will eventually just compress under your weight causing discomfort by providing no support where your body really needs it? Sp1ke promotes proper circulation through constant massage as you stand, eliminates nerve pinching, neutralizes your hips and spine so that your spine remains in a neutral (straighter position) providing comfort in key areas and support in others – the places where you most need pain relief and comfort. Sp1ke mats are:

  • Super light-weight with massaging tips that create a floating and supportive experience for anyone that stands on them.
  • Made from an extremely durable EVA foam that can be cut to customize to any surface area.
  • The nubs bend and shift naturally to massage and support, reducing pressure on spine and providing the ultimate in pressure relief – no more sore neck, shoulders, back, buttocks or feet!
  • Made from a closed-cell foam, they are completely waterproof so they won't absorb any water, sweat, bacteria or mold – and are unrivaled for use in showers/baths/bathrooms, kitchens, boats, etc.
  • Designed with an anti-slip bottom to grip the floor.
  • Breathable – holes allow for complete airflow throughout the mat.
  • Can be rinsed off easily under water; simply using dish soap to remove any dirt.
  • Can be used anywhere you stand for prolonged periods, indoor or outdoor  (typical usages include – factory floor, automotive, kitchen, shower/bathroom, manual therapy table, pool area,  boat deck, barbecue area, work station or standing desk, etc.)

Sp1ke - Get yours now and thank yourself later. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Sage Roots Outdoors (Colorado Outdoor Specialists)

Not only does it add comfort for those long days out on the water, the Sp1ke cushion by Vigurus doubles as a lightweight mat to change into your waders while fishing in the back country. No more pin holes from sharp sticks. Ready for another all-dayer on the lake in my 2-stroke tin can. The all-dayer is only made possible by the comfort of my Sp1ke cushion from Vigurus.

Materio (Virtual Material Library), Paris, France

Surpassing the performance of conventional foam, gel and air cushions, this new material is a casted-foam material composed of hundreds of mini cushioning nubs and connected bendable rods. The nubs actively move and connect in 3D space to respond to your unique comfort needs. It is composed of a closed-cell, cross-linked polyolefins, but it may be constructed from a vast array of semi-rigid or foamed materials. The density of the foam is adjusted, depending on the application, like seating, bedding, head & body protection, audio dampening to name a few. Thanks to the versatile structural science, the material dynamically reacts to adjust with your body’s movements to enhance comfort, while providing pressure relief, load managing and protection from impact and vibration in any environment. Sp1ke material is impermeable to moisture, molds, bacteria, fungi, and odours while being extremely easy to maintain.

Jon Archer (NYETech)

I experimented with the mat on the plane home yesterday, sitting on it for the first leg of my flight to Iceland, and I was able to fall asleep for a lot of the flight without waking up much and this was without a neck pillow, (so I wasn't disturbed by my head moving around). However, on the last leg of the flight from Iceland to London, I tried to sleep in my seat this time without the mat and again without a neck pillow, and I was woken up many times with my head rolling around or my head and chin dropping forward onto my chest. I was amazed with the difference.

Todd Miller (WowMedia; Video & Radio Producer)

My Sp1ke cushion is in the studio with me today, long editing day, so my butt and back will thank me.

Barb Pinsent (Mortgage Broker (Fort McMurray, Alta) )

I was experiencing lower back and hip problems and saw the Sp1ke seat on Facebook and thought...why not give it a try? I felt the difference in my lower back and hips immediately. It has made a huge difference, so much so that I have one in my office, the kitchen, my couch and my vehicle! It's a great invention, you won't be disappointed.