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Why buy a SP1KE ™ Cushion Instead of another one making All the Same Claims, you ask?

I genuinely enjoy answering the question “Why should I buy SP1KE?”. It’s not because I love selling our product, or any product for that matter. It’s because you learn a lot about someone when they share their challenges, and I usually can provide meaningful personal answers to people who have looked long and hard to find solutions to their discomforts.

But here’s the deal – at Vigurus Technologies, we not only stand by our products, we also stand ON them, and sit ON them, and kneel ON them. Heck, we even lay ON them! And we do this EVERY day, pretty much EVERY where! We know precisely how they work and what separates them from the competition.

But, let’s start by acknowledging that it is indeed extremely difficult as a consumer to choose a brand of seat cushion (for example) that is going to work best for your situation and your needs. Why is it difficult? Because everybody makes the same benefit claims. They all say – this product is the best you’ll find anywhere to “relieve pressure; it’s breathable; comfortable; portable; affordable; has some kind of new age fabric or material that is better than the rest, and it’s a game-changer”. Right? Sound familiar? Of course, for the average consumer who suffers from sciatica for example, they just want to hear the right words, which are usually – “RELIEVES SCIATIC PAIN” in order to at least try one.

But after trying a lot of different cushions and spending a lot of money – with no positive results to speak of – people in pain often give up and resort to a lifetime of pain medication. Is it possible for ALL cushions to do the exact same thing regardless of what they are made of? I’m going to tell you straight up – it’s not possible. Starting with an “AIR” cushion for example – typically made of plastic or vinyl (with or without “nubs”). What happens when you sit on an air cushion? The first thing is that the cushion deflates and flattens out. So, unless you can make an arch in the middle of that cushion (a dip where the tailbone is) – then the pressure is always higher in the middle which would logically increase the pressure on your tailbone. Your hips will spread out, not flatten. And if the air cushion has “nubs” which they often do - those nubs have a fixed base as opposed to SP1KE Tips that move within the mesh to balance your load and disperse pressure.

Net net? You end up creating an environment that actually puts MORE pressure on your tailbone rather than relieving it, and destabilizes your body control, posture and balance. Doesn’t sound like something you should pay for, does it?

Let's move on because there are a lot of cushions that somewhat resemble SP1KE cushions but are NOT made of the same material or constructed with the same globally-patented moveable tips design strategy. They may have an open grid; and the initial reaction when you sit on one might be pretty favourable; they tend to repel water and have an anti-slip structure BUT they are typically made of GEL as opposed to EVA FOAM. The price is usually much higher for a cushion that weighs about 6x more than a SP1KE cushion and has specific user weight “restrictions” for each product unlike SP1KE that has no restrictions.

SP1KE Tips & Mesh technology is globally patented – while most branded cushions and other generic me-too products have no patentable solution. Gel cushions feel comfortable at first, but after sitting for about 10 minutes you’ll actually feel the walls collapsing and your body sinking into the cushion. They DON’T structurally support your body shape or provide positive pressure response that gently pushes back to massage and increase blood flow.

SP1KE tips use what we call – “progressive resistance” to the load (the tips are smaller at the top), so the lighter you are, the less cushion structure you use/the heavier you are, the more cushion. The deeper you push into the cushion, the denser the foam gets, hence more resistance to keep you on TOP of the cushion. SP1KE cushions do not collapse all around you, they maintain their open grid structure. Because you remain suspended or floating on the SP1KE structure (without bottoming out), your body naturally aligns to the gravitational force.

Other cushions do nothing to enhance oxygen-rich blood flow and maintain circulation while sitting for long periods. With your subtlest movements, SP1KE tips constantly & gently flex into your flesh to stimulate blood/oxygen flow, avoiding pressure build up, numbness and pain while you sit.

We have only just scratched the surface here with respect to the advantages of a well-designed and researched surface with a large global patent suite being used in hospitals and clinical environments around the world. Feel free to reach out to us personally to discuss more about how this revolutionary technology can help you or a loved one with your pain management.

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