The Incredible Feeling of SP1KE for ALL - Sitting, Standing or Laying

So You Got a MySp1ke Cushion and Want to Know More? Read on by Canadian Inventor B. Jamieson

 Sp1ke is a revolutionary and proprietary pressure relief technology designed by the observation of natural forms to apply the unique science of “ergomorphology”. Beyond the functioning of ergonomic seating surfaces that are designed for a generic body form, Sp1ke continuously modifies its shape to customize itself to the user, and personally adjust to the moving body (whether caused by shifting body weight and position, or in response to e.g. a wheelchair/vehicle rolling over rough terrain.)

 You can’t put Sp1ke into a chair the wrong way – turned any way and even upside down it still offers significant benefits to the user. Sp1ke naturally creates effective pommels and bolsters to comfortably and securely hold the user in place regardless of how they are positioned in the cushion

 Sp1ke does much more with much less – at only about 1” thick it is about one-quarter the thickness of typical therapeutic cushions while pressure-mapping better than all of the industry leaders. This low profile cushion eliminates the feeling of rolling and pitching or “high-siding” in the chair.

 Because about 40-50% of the total cushion is the space between the hundreds of micro-adjusting Sp1ke units that make up the cushion matrix, the air flows freely under the user and moisture from sweat moves away from the body creating a much healthier environment for the skin. In fact only a small portion of the total surface of the cushion is ever in contact with the user. The user is essentially floating on the cushion surface greatly reducing friction and shearing with the seating surface.

 The closed-cell skinned foam is virtually hydrophobic, meaning that it doesn’t take on moisture, so it doesn’t support the growth of bacteria, mould, fungus, viruses and odours. Even for an incontinence patient, when soiled or dampened the cushion can be simply rinsed off and put right back in the chair.

 As the user immerses into the cushion, each tiny Sp1ke unit provides fully progressive resistance to the load and utilizes the elasticity of the surrounding structure to disperse pressure to its neighbouring Sp1kes. It stops the user from bottoming into the cushion regardless of their weight, while significantly reducing any vibration and shock or impact to the body.

 These almost indestructible Sp1ke cushions not only reduce the harm of sitting for long periods of time, but by eliminating the neurological and blood flow constriction points under the user that contribute to discomfort, leg numbness and sciatic; Sp1ke actually provides the therapeutic benefits of mild massage and neuromuscular stimulation.

 These are the observable benefits:

  • Substantially less average and peak pressure that dynamically and progressively adjusts to changes in the load position and to total load from vibration and impact
  • Naturally formed and broader pommels and bolsters comfortably contain the user as they immerse into the cushion, aiding body control and eliminating shearing/sliding
  • The total area of contact with the body is significantly reduced to permit much freer air flow within the cushion and release body moisture
  • Sp1ke completely eliminates the neurological and blood flow constriction points under the thighs that when seated contribute to discomfort, leg numbness and sciatica

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