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Do You Suffer From Neuropathy or Know Someone Who Does? Then You Want Hear Della Bayani's Story

I’m a senior who suffers from Neuropathy of the feet and lower legs. My doctors believe it originated from a combination of factors like being in an intensive Care Unit for 50 days, followed by renal failure and subsequent dialysis. A year later I had my second kidney transplant and an operation to repair and abdominal wall tear. As far as I am concerned whatever caused it is irrelevant. What’s relevant is that the pain keeps me awake at nights, and the cramping and prickly sensations comes without warning any time of the day. I purchased a gadget that is widely advertised to relieve the pain using electrical impulses, and I must admit it alleviates the pain after a 20-minute session, but comes back again in a matter of hours. My son’s friend gave me a pad manufactured by Vigurus Technology called Sp1ke, and after a ten-minute session, with me just sitting on a chair with my bare feet resting on the pad, and without any electrical impulses, the pad felt like it massaged my feet and legs, and it was wonderful. The effect was longer lasting than the electrical impulses gadget, so much so that I’ve stopped using the $200 gadget. Wish I’d gotten the pad before I bought the gadget, but then again, I wouldn’t appreciate how really effective the Sp1ke pad was compared to other products. You don’t have to take my word, if you suffer from Neuropathic Pain, try the Sp1ke pad and be amazed.

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